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    er en er alternativ overskrift

    Over the past decade of business, we have been evolving our point-of-sale (POS) software system for fashion retailers with enhanced capabilities in handling inventory, customers, online sales and more.

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    Online stores & Marketplace

    We aim at delivering compelling collaboration experience with online marketplaces by leveraging a single platform and driving business value for fashion retailers.

  • Lager

    FrontZapp for iPhone

    Stock count with FrontZapp is the most affordable and effective solution. This app acts as a centralized hub that syncs all products with automated and updated inventory.

  • Katalog


    Our product catalog is a structured master list with uniform and quality product information. This consistency is essential in accelerating the publishing of products with images, descriptions, price, availability and more to an array of customer touch points via a single platform and by that deliver a constantly evolving customer experience.

  • Sms


    In the POS, you can register the customers purchase history. Based on this information you can send SMS-marketing valuable to the customer. Not spam, but offers relevant to his or her profile.

  • Analyse

    Enterprise reporting module

    Our reporting module, built in collaboration with retail experts, brings in higher predictability and unprecedented visibility into store operations. Increased visibility into in-store operations, stock movements and customer purchase history help address blind spots that affect the business, thereby moving up the value chain. Comprehensive data from multiple sources helps retailers realign product range and improve sales forecasting.

  • Logistikk

    Håndter logistikken i butikk med mobilen

    Ta raske varemottak i butikk, send varer mellom lagre, og sjekk lagerbeholdning