iPad POS system

Pure online stores do not have physical stores.

Our POS system gives retailers a competitive advantage by turning brick-and-mortar stores into digital warehouses.

We unify digital and physical commerce so that your stores can satisfy todays customer expectations.


Unified Commerce

With Front Systems, all sales channels are brought together in real time.

This means that both the customer and the shop employee at all times can see what products and variants are available.

You can offer customers the delivery method that suits them best: Svosj, Porterbuddy, click&collect, and so on - you decide!

iPad POS system

Plug and Play

Changing POS system is often associated with a time consuming and complicated processes.

Front Systems is designed for seamless integration with existing ERP solutions, just to avoid the time consuming and the complex.

The iOS app-rollout is done via MDM or App Store, and with the help of experienced service engineers available for global rollouts, the POS can be replaced much faster than with a traditional system.

Front Systems fashion POS

Customer Loyalty

In-store sales and online sales are digitally linked to the customers profile.

With a loyalty solution, the customer can gain benefits across channels and receive personalized offers that convert to sales.


Mobile Point of Sales

With the Front Systems Mobile app you can help your customers anywhere in the store.

Pay, check stock status in other stores, or see availability in the online store.


Mobile payment and digital receipt

Check out and payment as the customer prefers it.

Integrated payment terminals over wifi, ethernet, bluetooth with payments like Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Vipps and more.

The receipt is digitally sent to the customer.


API and integration

It is easy to integrate existing solutions into the Front Systems POS-platform.

Check if your third-party solution already is integrated, or connect to our REST API and integrate with ERP, CRM, online store, loyalty or other solutions.


Promotions and discounts

Today´s customers are more informed than ever, thus also very price conscious.

Manual handling of promotions and discounts, both online and in-store, often leads to inconsistent prices and troublesomeness for those working in-store.

Front Systems is built with a real-time campaign engine, avoiding such challenges.

Campaigns such as 3 for 2, percentage discount and staff discount are handled so that the company prices are the same at all times, regardless of where the prices are shown.

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Other features

  • Shareonline Icon With Logos

    Online stores & Marketplace

    Publish your items with accurate inventory status in every online channel you choose to sell.

  • Lager


    Our inventory app, FrontZapp, saves you both time and incorrect stock status. Stocktaking with FrontZapp is perfect for clothing stores.

  • Katalog


    Manage your online and in-store product catalog in one central place.

  • Sms

    Loyalty & Marketing

    Attract new and existing shoppers to your stores using loyalty programs, SMS-marketing or even Google Local Inventory Ads.

  • Analyse

    Omnichannel insights

    Get new insights and make qualified decisions.

  • Logistikk

    Mobile logistics

    Manage effective in-store goods receipt, send goods between stores, and check your inventory simply using your mobile.