Our product catalog is a structured master list with uniform and quality product information.

This consistency is essential in accelerating the publishing of products with images, descriptions, price, availability and more to an array of customer touch points via a single platform and by that deliver a constantly evolving customer experience.

Portal Productdetails

Creating new products via import

This is the recommended method for adding large orders or creating new products in catalog.

Portal Purchaseorder

Work with suppliers
Import your order confirmations from your supplier. Such order confirmation files contain detailed information about products and orders placed with the supplier. As a buyer, you can import these files and add products and large orders quickly and accurately.

Save Substantial Time and Money
The files are imported via file upload, or directly integrated with the supplier's B2B procurement system. In addition to being time-efficient and cost-effective, file imports limit the consequences attributed to human error, inability to meet the demands of scale and real-time updates of orders and products.

Leverage quality data for business growth
Our import functionality utilizes a powerful and intuitive product grid that facilitates in identifying and fixing complex product data. This enables retailers in providing accurate, high quality product data to all the desired distribution channels.

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Other features

  • Kasse

    Point-of-sale (POS)

    Our POS is easy to use and full of features. Unifying Commerce.

  • Shareonline Icon With Logos

    Online stores & Marketplace

    Publish your items with accurate inventory status in every online channel you choose to sell.

  • Lager


    Our inventory app, FrontZapp, saves you both time and incorrect stock status. Stocktaking with FrontZapp is perfect for clothing stores.

  • Sms

    Loyalty & Marketing

    Attract new and existing shoppers to your stores using loyalty programs, SMS-marketing or even Google Local Inventory Ads.

  • Analyse

    Omnichannel insights

    Get new insights and make qualified decisions.

  • Logistikk

    Mobile logistics

    Manage effective in-store goods receipt, send goods between stores, and check your inventory simply using your mobile.